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When Gambling Becomes More than a Game

Legalized gambling is growing rapidly in our region. For most, it’s just for fun. For others, it becomes an addiction. Amplify is committed to raising awareness about gambling addiction and linking residents with resources that can help them break the cycle.

Amplify provides leadership for a team of consumers and professionals to raise awareness about problem gambling and connect them with resources that help.

With funding from the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Problem Gambling Unit, Amplify Ambassadors lead training workshops for organizations, tailored to meet their unique needs, including:

+ Community Conversations, a program for  youth, veterans, and athletes.

+ The Asian American Pacific Islander Ambassadors (AAPIA) Program, where Asian Ambassadors hold community conversations designed specifically for Asian Americans and for other minority groups.


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AAPI Resources

In Connecticut, College Student Play Safe

People can experience issues with gambling just like they can with substance use. Learn more about the warning signs, the action steps to play safer, and how to get someone help.

Responsible Gambling Guide: Tips and Resources for Safer Play

If you choose to play, play responsibly. Gambling can be a form of entertainment but it is not risk free. Take a moment to read this brochure to learn about some of the best practices for a responsible gambling and available resources for those who may be impacted by gambling harm.

Voluntary Self-Exclusion Process in CT

Voluntary self-exclusion can be a beneficial and empowering tool for those who feel they may be developing or have a problem with their gambling. By creating a barrier, it allows those who want to decrease or stop their activity, reduce the harms associated with gambling.

College Students, Spend Wisely When Gambling

College life can be hectic. You may feel that learning to manage money – while also keeping up with your coursework and other demands – is too much to handle. Yet it’s critical to gain control of your finances at this early stage in life.

A Community Conversation About Gambling

Attend a community conversation near you to learn more about the impact of problem gambling, and how to help a loved one, family member, friend, or client. You will be provided with a variety of local, regional, and state-wide resources for problem gambling prevention, treatment, and recovery.

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Together We Can Break the Cycle

Help us raise our voice about problem gambling. Register and/or get involved in some of our Regional Gambling Awareness events & trainings!