Creating Pathways
To Change

When Gambling Becomes More than a Game

Legalized gambling is growing rapidly in our region. For most, it’s just for fun. For others, it becomes an addiction. Amplify is committed to raising awareness about gambling addiction and linking residents with resources that can help them break the cycle.

Amplify provides leadership for a team of consumers and professionals to raise awareness about problem gambling and connect them with resources that can help. With funding from the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Problem Gambling Unit, Amplify Ambassadors lead training workshops for organizations, tailored to meet their unique needs, including:

• The Congregation/Community Assistance (CAP) Program, which is specifically designed for faith communities and civic groups.

• The Asian American Pacific Islander Ambassadors (AAPIA) Program, where Asian Ambassadors hold community conversations designed specifically for Asian Americans and for other minority groups.

• The PAWs Program, in which teens are helping each other notice the warning signs of gambling and learn that it isn’t just a risk-free game.


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Together We Can Break the Cycle

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