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Listen. Assess. Recommend. Act.

Creating change starts with deep listening. Providers, residents, leaders and policy makers all have stories and ideas that can strengthen their communities. Amplify listens, offers expert advice and guides advocates toward solutions built on the foundation of evidence-based approaches that promote wellness and enhance the lives of those struggling with mental health, substance misuse, problem gambling and other behavioral health issues.

Through conversation and connection, Amplify helps communities assess their behavioral health needs, identify gaps in services and develop their plans to advocate for the most effective resources available.

Although the name Amplify is new, it stands on the shoulders of decades of experience. Amplify has built a depth of knowledge of behavioral health treatment and care across the lifespan, from childhood to older adults. Amplify guides people through the rapidly changing models of care toward those that will best fit their community’s needs.


To strengthen the ability of our region to assess needs, develop plans, and advocate for strategies and resources to advance healthy communities.

Our Geographic Scope

Amplify is contracted to serve the 37 towns in North Central CT but our influence can be felt statewide. Clusters of towns in this area are combined into six Catchment Areas that receive behavioral health services as a unit. Thirty-four Local Prevention Councils work at the grassroots level to raise awareness of substance misuse prevention and early intervention services.

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Our Board of Directors

Eileen F. Swan, Esq.


Cephus Nolen


Geralyn Laut


Larry Pittinger

Representative to State Board & Program Advisory Council

Mary Hess


Alan Coker

Teo Anderson-Diaz

Michaela Fissel

Jane Theriault

Linda Howard-Sorrell

John Massicotte

Our Staff

Marcia DuFore

Executive Director

Melisa Luginbuhl

Deputy Director

Wende Cooper

Prevention Coordinator

Allyson Nadeau

Outreach and Evaluation Coordinator

Marlene Schempp

Way to Go CT Program Manager

Sou Thammavong

Ryan White & Outreach Coordinator

Quyen Truong

Special Projects Manager

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