Our Impact Matters

Help Define Our Impact

Everyday we hope to make a difference. Some days it seems more elusive than others, but we keep at it. Our gut tells us positive change is happening, but how can we know for sure? That’s the job of Amplify’s Program Advisory Council, a committee of the Amplify Board.

Knowing that Amplify is having an effect is critical. With it, we can plan appropriate prevention strategies, offer recommendations to community leaders, obtain funding and guide advocacy efforts.

During monthly meetings, the Program Advisory Council members offer insight, experience and technical guidance on optimal ways to assess the value and benefit of Amplify efforts. The Council tackles questions like: What are the critical prevention priorities? How ready is a community to embrace prevention actions? What effect are they having? How appropriate are available services to meet the needs of individuals dealing with mental health and/or addiction challenges? Bringing the diverse perspective of the region, members guide the annual Priority Needs Assessment, conduct qualitative research and review behavioral health services in North Central Connecticut.

Most importantly, Program Advisory Council members bring a passion for addressing critical challenges facing our communities: mental health, substance misuse, problem gambling, suicide prevention, and health equity.

Contact Allyson Nadeau at anadeau@amplifyct.org to learn more.

Help Us Show Our Impact

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