Amplifying Community Voices to Improve Behavioral Health

Have you ever noticed what happens when voices come together in unity? There is deeper resonance… more depth… greater volume… balanced harmonies. In 2019, East of the River Action for Substance Abuse Elimination (ERASE) and North Central Regional Mental Health Board (NCRMHB) joined forces to become Amplify, Inc., a coalescence of voices determined to ensure that the behavioral health needs of North Central Connecticut are heard loud and clear.

Amplify is a unique catalyst, leading and uniting community leaders, residents, and partners with the behavioral health resources and prevention strategies they need the most. We bring together a wide range of voices to work toward a single-minded goal: build the most effective and responsive system of behavioral health promotion and support services that will improve the lives of all.

We offer a wide network of connections that include tailored assessment, planning, strategies and resources for preventing substance misuse and promoting behavioral health. Our team builds strategic partnerships that promote behavioral health and offer resources and support across the lifespan, from youth to older adults. Our experience, strategic approach and ability to tap into solid research and the grassroots knowledge of the local community ensures that the right help is available for those living with mental health and substance misuse disorders.

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