Helping People Get Around

Getting from Here to There Isn’t Always a Straight Line

Navigating North Central Connecticut’s transportation system can be challenging, especially for those with special needs. Amplify partners with Way to Go Connecticut to help residents find the right of transportation for every situation.

Amplify’s Way to Go Connecticut assists older adults, people with disabilities, and veterans to find transportation options that are right for them. It is a unique resource, offering a wide range of transportation solutions for those with special needs. Residents can search the thirty-seven towns in the Greater Hartford area, use an interactive travel map, or contact the call center for personal assistance. The Mobility Manager works closely with individuals and communities to address gaps and barriers to transportation options and find solutions to transportation challenges.

Help Us Help Others

Mobility is empowering, especially if you have special needs, so support Way to Go Connecticut. You can make a big difference in building an effective system of behavioral health and helping our communities become healthy, nourishing places for our families to live. Make a tax-deductible donation today.