Stronger Together

I am my Brother/Sister’s Keeper: Fight HIV/AIDS

Living with HIV/AIDS has changed so much over the last few decades, and there is so much more to be done to improve health outcomes and quality of life. In partnership with Amplify, the Greater Hartford Ryan White Part A Planning Council works toward a seamless continuum of care for all infected and affected populations.

The Greater Hartford Ryan White Part A Planning Council unites funders, healthcare providers, and people living with HIV/AIDS under a common goal: to help those with HIV/AIDS improve their health and quality of life. This legislatively mandated Council reviews data, conducts research, assessments, and focus groups. Through these efforts the Council identifies gaps in care and recommends how to best allocate federal Ryan White grant funds to the Transitional Grant Area.

Serving Hartford, Tolland and Middlesex counties, the Ryan White Part A Planning Council meets regularly and is supported by Amplify Staff, Marie Raynor. For more information about the Planning Council meeting times and its activities, please visit the Ryan White Hartford Website.

Help Us Build a Seamless Continuum of Care

Help us ensure there are no gaps in support for those living with HIV/AIDS. You can make a big difference in building an effective system of behavioral health and helping our communities become healthy, nourishing places for our families to live. Make a tax-deductible donation today.